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Blog Move

I moved my blog to a self-hosted blog. You can now find me at mikesilliman.com or mistakemaker.com.

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Goals on steroids

I spent some time this afternoon writing out my goals for 2009. I wrote out 2-3 goals under 4 different categories. The categories that I used are Personal goals, Family goals, Professional goals, and Goals on steroids.

With the exception of the Goals on steroids, every goal had to pass this test before making the list…

  • Is this something that I am willing to commit to or just something that would be nice?
  • Why is this an important goal to me? If I can’t answer this with a clear answer, than the goal is probably not important enough for me to reach.
  • Is this something that I am willing to be held accountable to by someone? If not, I know that there is zero chance of me reaching it.
  • Is this something that can be tracked and measured?
  • Is this a realistic goal?

The Goals on steroids are crazy goals that could never be reached without God reaching in & reaching through to make it happen. They are desires & dreams that are stirring within my heart and soul. They aren’t realistic at all. In fact, quite the opposite…they are BIG, unrealistic, & unmeasurable. Why have this list? Because I believe that as I allow God to stir the dreams inside of me, and I write them down it demonstrates my faith to God. It says to God, that I believe that He can accomplish the impossible. As adults we have lost the what if dreamer mechanism that we were born with. These goals on steroids might not be met in 2009, but guess what? I’ll add it to my steroid goals for 2010.

I hope that you take some time in the next few days to write down a few trackable & realistic goals as well as some crazy, jacked up, super-sized, goals on steroids. Go for it!

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5 Days Until 2009

A new year is quickly approaching! I can’t believe it…2009.happy_new_year

In just 5 days, you won’t be able to find a parking spot at the YMCA…the snack food industry will take a few week dip in sales as people begin to watch what they eat…iTunes sales will be up as people fill their ipod with music for their workout. The resolutions begin.

If you are like me, maybe you’re a bit reluctant to make a resolution because your track record has been about 2 weeks to stick to it, and then it slowly fades away as the newness of the new year disappears. 

Last year, I made a commitment to read through the Bible in 2008. In just 5 days, I will complete the goal…and my soul is better for it. Just like physical exercise, 15 minutes/day in spiritual exercise builds up over a 1 year period of time. I invite you to join me as well as several others in 2009 in reading through the Bible…here is the link with the details.

What are some goals that you have for 2009? 

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Things God has taught me in 2008 (Part 3 of a bunch)

#3 – God has taught me to enjoy the journey

I want to improve in all areas of my life…and I want to see measurable growth in my life and in our church. I’m on a journey and I’m looking ahead. But, I also want to take in the sights along the way. God has helped me with this balance… I don’t want the pursuit of the future to cloud the enjoyment of the present. However, I also don’t want the frustrations of the present to cloud the hope for the future.

I think sometimes we focus too much on the goal that we forget that on the journey to the goal is where all of the growth happens. We focus so much on the future, that we don’t enjoy the present. The present is the gift. I want to remember the journey, every part of it…because God gave it to me. He’s taking me on a journey and I want to take lots of pictures along the way!

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